Terms and conditions

A. Some general and relevant laws relating to hotel reservation systems

Dear users, Please note the following information when you are booking and hotel selection:

o When booking any hotel, be sure to pay a discount to the Cancellation Deadline and remember it. Cancellation and change of dates prior to the date stated in the Cancellation deadline is usually admissible. However, reservations that are canceled after the cancellation deadline date are subject to fines all night in accordance with the hotel reservation rules in normal times, at least one night, and a maximum of two nights and special events.

o Standard check-in at the hotel (Check in at most hotels at 14:00 and in some cases 15:00 and the standard room delivery time) (Check out at most hotels at 12:00 and in some cases at 11:00. (These are subject to hotel policies that are commonly used when searching on the site.)

o If the passenger has arrived early in the hotel before the check-in time (Early check in or late check-out) in accordance with the policy of the hotel, additional charges will be charged. Reservations on the site are also required by email to Iran Air.

o Usually, according to hotel rules, the reservation is valid until 19:00 on the local check-in day and if the passenger is not accepted for this reason until one hour or two, depending on the hotel policy, the charge for the No show will be charged for one or two nights. The remaining days of the reservation will be canceled automatically and on special occasions (Special Events all nights will be charged as No Show.) In order to prevent this issue please, if the arrival of the passenger on his flight plan or any other reason after the hour 18: 00 is definitely the issue when booking on the site and by sending ebooking@iranair.com email to take the necessary measures on this matter, Otherwise, all responsibility for this is borne by the traveler or reservation user.

o When booking, full attention is paid to (hotel) hotel facilities and (remark) for essential explanations. For reasons of clarity, the responsibility for choosing any hotel is the responsibility of the traveler or user and the passenger or user before booking. Each hotel needs to examine all aspects and adapt their requests and tastes to the selected item

o The number of stars of the hotels specified on each site is given to hotels according to hotel standards, and according to the standards of that area, Iran Air will not assume any responsibility for the service and delivery of the service.

o Due to the time constraints between the travelers and the reservation centers, please avoid paying any more time and expenses to provide the necessary explanations regarding the use of the necessary phones at the bottom of the hotel.

o Some essential requirements for using the phones:

· Delay in flight and arrived late at the hotel

· Not having the watch at the time of arrival at the hotel

· Non-coordination between the hotel and the reservation system of the receiver

· And more ...

o The cost of using other hotel services is not subject to the cost of the booked room and should be paid by the traveler himself to the hotel when checking out (in some cases, according to the hotel policy, a fee as a payment guarantee Extra services are collected from travelers at check-in, which, if they are not used, will be refunded at checkout time).

o Requests for the Special request section are solely for additional requests for facilities provided by the hotel, and no warranties from Iran Air will be given on the definitive delivery of this special service, selected by the passenger at the time of delivery of the room.

o Repayment The number of canceled reservations will take at least 15 days, so the accuracy of the booking is necessary.

o Refunds from the sale. Fee for passengers who have stayed at the hotel for an early check-out (REFUND) is necessarily subject to hotel policies, hotel support arrangements for early cancellation by the traveler and acceptance of return from And Iran Air has no obligation to refuse the return of the funds.

o The passenger or user undertakes to read the terms and conditions of the notice issued by the service brokers prior to the issue of the notice, and the issuing of the watcher means the approval of the terms and conditions.